Under Consideration for April 2020

By Jane Sandberg  

The following titles have been read and recommended for inclusion on the final list by at least one juror:

Fiction and Poetry

Awkward-Rich, Cameron. Dispatch. Persea Books, 2019.

Bibbins, Mark. 13th Balloon. Copper Canyon Press, 2020.

Brayden, Melissa. Back to September. Bold Strokes Books, 2019.

Cabezón Cámara, Gabriela and Frances Riddle. Slum Virgin. Charco Press, 2019.

Coldiron, Katharine. Ceremonials. Kernpunkt Press, 2020.

Diaz, Natalie. Postcolonial Love Poem. Graywolf Press, 2020.

Kramer, Larry. The American People Volume 2: The Brutality of Fact, A Novel. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2020.

Plante, Hazel Jane. Little Blue Encyclopedia. Metonymy Press, 2019.

Reed, Justin Phillip. The Malevolent Volume. Coffee Press Books, 2020.

Smith, Danez. Homie. Graywolf Press, 2020.

Szpara, K. M. Docile. Tor, 2020.

Villanueva Siasoco, Ricco. The Foley Artist. Gaudy Boy, 2019.


Barker, Meg-John. Gender: A Graphic Guide. Icon Books, 2019.

Clemmons, François. Officer Clemmons. Catapult, 2020.

Ruberg, Bonnie. Queer Games Avant-Garde. Duke University Press, 2020.

Shapland, Jenn. My Autobiography of Carson McCullers. Tin House Books, 2020.

Wizenberg, Molly. The Fixed Stars. Abrams Press, 2020.


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