Under Consideration for March 2020

By Jane Sandberg  

The following titles have been read and recommended for inclusion on the final list by at least one juror:

Fiction and Poetry

Crain, Caleb. Overthrow. Penguin Random House, 2019.

Delgado Lopera, Juliana. Fiebre Tropical. Feminist Press, 2020.

Foster, Claire Rudy. Shine of the Ever. Interlude Press, 2019.

Gailey, Sarah. Upright Women Wanted. Tor, 2020.

Greenwell, Garth. Cleanness. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2020.

Heard, Wendy. The Kill Club. Mira Books, 2019.

Johnson, Cyree Jarelle. Slingshot. Nightboat Books, 2019.

Klune, TJ. The House in the Cerulean Sea. Tor, 2020.

Laskey, Celia. Under the Rainbow. Riverhead, 2020.

Lee, Joon Oluchi. Neotenica. Nightboat Books, 2020.

Martin, Kimmery. The Antidote for Everything. Berkley, 2020.

Moskovich, Yelena. Virtuoso. Two Dollar Radio, 2020.

Muir, Tasmyn. Harrow the Ninth. Tor, 2020.

Phillips, Xandria. Hull. Nightboat Books, 2019.

Porter, Chana. The Seep. Soho Press, 2020.

Taylor, Brandon. Real Life. Riverhead, 2020.


Arceneaux, Michael. I Don’t Want to Die Poor. Atria Books, 2020.

Gottlieb, Iris. Seeing Gender. Chronicle Books, 2019.

Koets, Julia. Rib Joint: A Memoir in Essays. Red Hen Press, 2020.

Lavery, Daniel. Something that May Shock and Discredit You. Simon and Schuster, 2020.

Li, Helen, Jake Hall, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Sofie Birkin. The Art of Drag. Nobrow Press, 2020.


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