May 2015

By Rebecca Butler  

The following 21 books have been read and recommended for consideration by the final list by at least one juror.

Antoniou, Laura, ed. Best Lesbian Erotica. Cleis Press, 2015.
Atkins, Priscilla. The Cafe of Our Departure. Little Rock, AR: Sibling Rivalry Press, 2015.
Belleau, Heidi, and Rachel Haimowitz. Burnt Toast B&B. Riptide Publishing, 2015.
Brown, Jericho. The New Testament. Port Townsend, Washington: Copper Canyon Press, 2014.
Conrad, C. A. Ecodeviance: (soma)tics for the Future Wilderness. First edition. Seattle: Wave Books, 2014.
Decker, Julie Sondra. The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality. New York: Carrel Books, an imprint of Skyhorse Pub, 2014.
Egan, Sean, and David Bowie, eds. Bowie on Bowie: Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie. Musicians in Their Own Words. Chicago: Chicago Review Press, 2015.
Enright, Anne. The Green Road. First edition. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2015.
Ettinger, Shelley. Vera’s Will. Maplewood, NJ: Hamilton Stone Editions, 2015.
Garreta, Anne F. Sphinx. 1st edition. Dallas, TX: Deep Vellum Pub, 2015.
Gilder, Ginny. Course Correction: A Story of Rowing and Resilience in the Wake of Title IX. Boston: Beacon Press, 2015.
Han, C. Winter. Geisha of a Different Kind: Race and Sexuality in Gaysian America. Intersections : Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Genders and Sexualities. New York: New York University Press, 2015.
Ishii, Anne, Chip Kidd, and Graham Kolbeins, eds. Massive: Gay Japanese Manga and the Men Who Make It. Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 2014.
Peck, Dale. Visions and Revisions: Coming of Age in the Age of Aids. New York, N.Y: Soho Press, 2015.
Porpora, Kenny. The Autumn Balloon. First edition. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2015.
Roquelaure, A. N. Beauty’s Kingdom. Beauty 4. New York: Viking, 2015.
Sait Faik, Maureen Freely, and Alexander Dawe. A Useless Man: Selected Stories. First Archipelago Books Edition. Brooklyn, NY: Archipelago Books, 2014.
Schulte, Paul. Paths to Recovery for Gay and Bisexual Drug Addicts: Healing Weary Hearts. Rowman and Littlefiled Publishers, 2014.
Summer, Jane. Erebus. Little Rock, AR: Sibling Rivalry Press, 2015.
Terry, Daniel Nathan. City of Starlings. Little Rock, AR: Sibling Rivalry Press, 2015.
Whitesel, Jason. Fat Gay Men: Girth, Mirth, and the Politics of Stigma. Intersections. New York: New York University Press, 2014.


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