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By OTR_Danielle  

The Over the Rainbow Committee is proud to announce the list of nominees for the next Over the Rainbow List. We have a total of 163 books under consideration this year, each nominated by at least one member of the committee, and will be working hard between now and the ALA Midwinter Meeting in January to determine our final list.  Check back here after ALA Midwinter 2013 to see our complete annotated bibliography. In the meantime, check out some of these great LGBT titles!

Against Equality: Don’t Ask to Fight Their Wars. Ed. by Ryan Conrad. AK Press.

Aldrich, Robert. Gay Lives. Thames & Hudson.

Anshaw, Carol. Carry the One. Simon & Schuster.

Aoki, Ryka. Seasonal Velocities. Trans-Genre Press.

Arsand, Daniel. Lovers. Europa Editions.

Atkins, Gary L. Imagining Gay Paradise: Bali, Bangkok and Cyber-Singapore. Hong Kong University Press.

Avery, Ellis. The Last Nude. Riverhead.

Ball, Carlos. The Right to Be Parents: LGBT Families and the Transformation of Parenthood. NYU Press.

Baumgardner, Jennifer. F’em: Goo Goo, Gaga, and Some Thoughts on Balls. Seal Press.

Bechdel, Alison. Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Beemyn, Genny and Susan Rankin. The Lives of Transgender People. Columbia University Press.

Bellerose, Sally. The Girls Club. Bywater Books.

Best Gay Stories 2011. Ed. by Peter Dubé. Lethe Press.

Best Gay Stories 2012. Ed. by Peter Dubé. Lethe Press.

Beye, Charles Rowan. My Husband and My Wives: A Gay Man’s Odyssey. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction. Ed. by Brit Mandelo. Lethe Press.

Bildulka, Anthony. Dos Equis. Insomniac Press.

Blackburn, Mollie V. Interrupting Hate: Homophobia in Schools and What Literacy Can Do About It. Teacher’s College Press.

Boag, Peter. Re-Dressing America’s Frontier Past. University of California Press.

Bodies of Evidence: The Practice of Queer Oral History. Ed. by Nan Alamilla Boyd and Horacio N. Roque Ramírez. Oxford University Press.

Bornstein, Kate. A Queer and Pleasant Danger: A Memoir. Beacon Press.

Boykin, Keith. For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough: Coming of Age, Coming Out, and Coming Home. Magnus Books.

Boyne, John. The Absolutist. Other Press.

Bram, Christopher. Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America. Twelve.

Brickell, Chris. Manly Affections: The Photographs of Robert Gant, 1885-1915. Genre Books.

Brunt, Carol Rifka. Tell the Wolves I’m Home. Dial Press.

Bucatinsky, Dan. Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?: Confessions of a Gay Dad. Touchstone.

Cain, Shannon. The Necessity of Certain Behaviors. University of Pittsburgh Press.

Cameron, Peter. Coral Glynn: A Novel. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Cardamone, Tom. Green Thumb. BrazenHead.

Carey, Mike, Linda Carey and Louise Carey. The Steel Seraglio. ChiZine Publications.

Carpenter, Dale. Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas. W. W. Norton & Company.

Carr, Cynthia. Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz. Bloomsbury.

Castiglia, Christopher and Christopher Reed. If Memory Serves: Gay Men, AIDS, and the Promise of the Queer Past. University of Minnesota Press.

Cianciotto, Jason and Sean Cahill. LGBT Youth in America’s Schools. University of Michigan Press.

Closs, Larry. Beatitude. Rebel Satori Press.

Cohen, Lisa. All We Know: Three Lives. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard. Ed. by Tom Léger & Riley MacLeod. Topside Press.

Conversations with Dorothy Allison. Ed. by Mae Miller Claxton. University Press of Mississippi.

Córdova, Jeanne. When We Were Outlaws. Spinsters Ink.

Cox, Daniel Allen. Basement of Wolves. Arsenal Pulp Press.

Coyote, Ivan E. One in Every Crowd. Arsenal Pulp Press.

craig, m. The Narrows. Papercut Press.

Currier, Ashley. Out in Africa: LGBT Organizing in Namibia and South Africa. University of Minnesota Press.

de la Croix, St. Sukie. Chicago Whispers: A History of LGBT Chicago Before Stonewall. University of Wisconsin Press.

DeMarco, Joseph R.G. Crimes on Latimer: From the Early Cases of Marco Fontana. Lethe Press.

Dermont, Amber. The Starboard Sea. St. Martin’s Press.

DeWitt, Peter M. Dignity for All: Safeguarding LGBT Students. Corwin Press.

Dhalla, Ghalib Shiraz.  The Two Krishnas.  Magnus Books.

DiQuinzio, Apsara. The Air We Breathe: Artists and Poets Reflect on Marriage Equality. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Divining Divas: 100 Gay Poets on the Women Who Inspire Them. Ed. by Michael Montlack. Lethe Press.

Dunnion, Kristyn. The Dirt Chronicles. Arsenal Pulp Press.

Eads, Sean. The Survivors. Lethe Press.

Eden, Martin. Spandex: Fast and Hard. Titan Books.

Fausto-Sterling, Anne. Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World. Routledge.

Files, Gemma. Tree of Bones. ChiZine Press.

Flewelling, Lynn. Casket of Souls. Spectra.

Gerber, Lynne. Seeking the Straight and Narrow: Weight Loss and Sexual Reorientation in Evangelical America. University of Chicago Press.

Gibson, Wesley.  Personal Saviors.  Chelsea Station.

Greenberg, Julie A. Intersexuality and the Law: Why Sex Matters. NYU Press.

Guiliano, Neil. The Campaign Within: A Mayor’s Private Journey to Public Leadership. Magnus Books.

Halperin, David M. How to Be Gay. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

Harbach, Chad. The Art of Fielding. Little, Brown and Company.

Hart, Ellen. Rest for the Wicked. Minotaur Books.

Healy, Trebor. A Horse Named Sorrow. Terrace Books.

Heiresses of Russ 2011: The Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction of the Year. Ed. by JoSelle Vanderhooft and Steve Berman. Lethe Press.

Here Come the Brides!: Reflections on Lesbian Love and Marriage. Ed. by Audrey Bilger and Michelle Kort. Seal Press.

Hirschman, Linda. Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution. Harper.

Hormel, Ambassador James C. and Erin Martin. Fit to Serve: Reflections on a Secret Life, Private Struggle, and Public Battle to Become the First Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador. Skyhorse Publishing.

Irving, John. In One Person. Simon & Schuster.

Jeffers, Alex. You Will Meet a Stranger Far from Home: Wonder Stories. Lethe Press.

Jiménez, Karleen Pendleton. How to Get a Girl Pregnant. Zurita.

John, Elton. Love Is the Cure: On Life, Loss and the End of AIDS. Little, Brown & Company.

Johnson, Tenea D. Smoketown.  Blind Eye Books.

Jones, Saeed. When the Only Light Is Fire. Sibling Rivalry Press.

Kelly, Nigel. Quentin Crisp: The Profession of Being. McFarland.

Kenry, Chris. The Survival Methods and Mating Rituals of Men and Marine Mammals. Kensington.

Kohler, Sheila. The Bay of Foxes. Penguin.

Ladin, Joy. Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey between Genders. University of Wisconsin Press.

Lady Business: A Celebration of Lesbian Poetry. Ed. by Bryan Borland. Sibling Rivalry Press.

Lennon, David. Blue’s Bayou. Blue Spike Publishing.

Lennon, Robert. The Miles. Kensington.

Liu, Marjorie & Mike Perkins. Astonishing X-Men: Northstar. Marvel Comics.

Lobdell, Bambi L. A Strange Sort of Being: The Transgender Life of Lucy Ann / Joseph Israel Lobdell, 1829-1912. McFarland.

Loftin, Craig M. Masked Voices: Gay Men and Lesbians in Cold War America. State University of New York Press.

Love, Christopher Street: Reflections of New York. Ed. by Thomas Keith. Vantage Point.

Lowenthal, Michael. The Paternity Test. Terrace Books.

Lundoff, Catherine. A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories. Lethe Press.

Lundoff, Catherine. Silver Moon. Lethe Press.

Lynch, Jane.  Happy Accidents.  Hyperion.

Maran, Meredith. A Theory of Small Earthquakes. Soft Skull Press.

Marcus, Jana. Transfigurations. 7 Angels Press.

Mason, Janet. Tea Leaves. Bella Books.

Mason, Richard. History of a Pleasure Seeker. Knopf.

McDermid, Val.  Trick of the Dark.  Bywater Books.

McGee, Donnelle. Shine. Sibling Rivalry Press.

Milk and Honey: A Celebration of Jewish Lesbian Poetry. Ed. by Julie R. Enszer. Mid Summer Night’s Press.

Miller, Madeline. The Song of Achilles. Ecco.

Miller, Merle. On Being Different: What It Means to Be a Homosexual. Penguin.

Mills, Stephen S. He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices. Sibling Rivalry Press.

Mixner, David. At Home with Myself: Stories from the Hills of Turkey Hollow. Magnus Books.

Monahan, Annemarie. Three. PM Press.

Muraco, Anna. Odd Couples: Friendships at the Intersection of Gender and Sexual Orientation. Duke University Press.

Naidoo, Jamie Campbell. Rainbow Family Collections: Selecting and Using Children’s Books with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Content. Libraries Unlimited.

Newman, Leslea. October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard. Candlewick Press.

Nicholson, Alexander. Fighting to Serve: Behind the Scenes in the War to Repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Chicago Review Press.

No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics. Ed. by Justin Hall. Fantagraphics.

Perez, Frank and Jeffrey Palmquist. In Exile: The History and Lore Surrounding New Orleans Gay Culture and Its Oldest Gay Bar. LL-Publications.

Peterson, Leah. Fighting Gravity. Dragon Moon Press.

Pitman, Gayle. Backdrop: The Politics and Personalities Behind Sexual Orientation Research. Active Voice Press.

Pitts, J.A. Forged in Fire. Tor Books.

Posey, Rafe. The Book of Broken Hymns. Flying Rabbit.

Pratt, David. My Movie. Chelsea Station Editions.

Price, Reynolds. Midstream: An Unfinished Memoir. Scribner.

Queer Religion. Ed. by Donald L. Boisvert and Jay Emerson Johnson. Praeger.

Ray, Douglas. He Will Laugh. Lethe Press.

Rand, Erica. Red Nails, Black Skates: Gender, Cash, and Pleasure On and Off the Ice. Duke University Press.

Redmann, J.M. Ill Will. Bold Strokes Books.

Regnault, Chantal. Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92. Soul Jazz Books.

Robinson, Gene. God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage. Knopf.

Roth, Marco. The Scientists: A Family Romance. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Round, Jeffrey. Lake on the Mountain: A Dan Sharp Mystery. Dundurn.

Rule, Jane. Taking My Life. Talonbooks.

Russell, Paul. The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov: A Novel. Cleis Press.

Rustin, Bayard. I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin’s Life in Letters. Ed. by Michael Long. City Lights Publishers.

Saylor, Steven. The Seven Wonders: A Novel of the Ancient World. Minotaur Books.

Schulman, Sarah. The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination. University of California Press.

Schwartz, James. The Literary Party: A Collection of Poetry by James Schwartz. InGroup Press.

Schwartz, John. Oddly Normal: One Family’s Struggle to Help Their Teenage Son Come to Terms with His Sexuality. Gotham.

Scott, Melissa. Point of Knives. Lethe Press.

Seefried, Josh. Our Time: Breaking the Silence of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Penguin.

Sexuality, Religion, and the Sacred: Bisexual, Pansexual and Polysexual Perspectives. Ed. by Loraine Hutchins and H. Sharif Williams. Routledge.

Sovereign Erotics: A Collection of Two-Spirit Literature. Ed. by Qwo-Li Driskill, Daniel Heath Justice, Deborah Miranda, and Lisa Tatonetti. University of Arizona Press.

Spade, Dean. Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law. South End Press.

Spoon, Rae. First Spring Grass Fire. Arsenal Pulp Press.

Springer, Anna Joy. The Vicious Red Relic, Love: A Fabulist Memoir. Jaded Ibis Press.

Strachan, Zoe. Ever Fallen in Love. Sandstone Press Ltd.

Streitmatter, Rodger. Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples. Beacon Press.

Suganuma, Katsuhiko. Contact Moments: The Politics of Intercultural Desire in Japanese Male-Queer Cultures. Hong Kong University Press.

Sycamore, Mattilda Bernstein. Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?: Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform. AK Press.

Sykes, Christopher Simon. David Hockney: The Biography, 1937-1975, A Rake’s Progress. Nan A. Talese.

Taia, Abdellah. An Arab Melancholia. Semiotext(e).

Tang, Denise Tse-Shang. Conditional Spaces: Hong Kong Lesbian Desires and Everyday Life. Hong Kong University Press.

Teich, Nicholas M. Transgender 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue. Columbia University Press.

Terry, Scott. Cowboys, Armageddon, and the Truth: How a Gay Child Was Saved from Religion. Lethe Press.

Torregrosa, Luisita Lopez. Before the Rain: A Memoir of Love and Revolution. Houghton.

Trans/Love: Radical Sex, Love & Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary. Ed. by Morty Diamond. Manic D Press.

Transitions of the Heart: Stories of Love, Struggle and Acceptance by Mothers of Transgender and Gender Variant Children. Ed. by Rachel Pepper. Cleis Press.

Vaid, Urvashi. Irresistible Revolution: Confronting Race, Class and the Assumptions of LGBT Politics. Magnus Books.

Vargas Llosa, Mario. The Dream of the Celt. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Wachsberger, Clyde Phillip. Into the Garden with Charles: A Memoir. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Wahls, Zach. My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family. Gotham.

Walsh, Mikey. Gypsy Boy: My Life in the Secret World of the Romany Gypsies. Thomas Dunne Books.

White, Edmund. Jack Holmes and His Friends: A Novel. Bloomsbury.

White, Edmund. Sacred Monsters. Magnus Books.

Wilde Stories 2012: The Year’s Best Gay Speculative Fiction. Ed. by Steve Berman. Lethe Press.

Will, Barbara. Unlikely Collaboration: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Faÿ, and the Vichy Dilemma. Columbia University Press.

Williams III, J.H., W. Hayden Blackman, and Amy Reeder. Batwoman: Hydrology. D.C. Comics.

Wilson, Chana. Riding Fury Home: A Memoir. Seal Press.

Windy City Queer: LGBTQ Dispatches from the Third Coast. Ed. by Kathie Bergquist. University of Wisconsin Press.

Winterson, Jeanette. Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal? Grove Press.

Wolverton, Terry.  Stealing Angel.   Spinsters Ink.

Zurbo, Mark. Black and Blue and Pretty Dead, Too. MLR Press.


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