October 2011 Nominations for Over the Rainbow Books

By blogando  

Bellerose, Sally.  The Girls Club.  Bywater Books.

Dellamora, Richard.  Radclyffe Hall:  A Life in the Writing (Haney Foundation Series).  University of Pennsylvania Press.

Dhalla, Ghalib Shiraz.  The Two Krishnas.  Magnus Books.

Files, Gemma.  A Rope of Thorns:  Book Two of the Hexslinger Series.   ChiZine.

Hart, Ellen.  Lost Women of Lost Lake.  Minotaur Books.

Hollinghurst, Alan.  The Stranger’s Child.  Knopf.

Kelly, Nigel.  Quentin Crisp: The Profession of Being.  McFarland.

Knust, Jennifer Wright.  Unprotected Texts:  The Bible’s Surpising Contradictions about Sex and Desire.  HarperOne.

Krieger, Irwin.  Helping Your Transgender Teen:  A Guide for Parents.  Genderwise Press.

Lynch, Jane.  Happy Accidents.  Hyperion.

McDermid, Val.  Trick of the Dark.  Bywater Books.

Merey, Ilike.  a + e 4ever.  Lethe Press.

Mixner, David.  At Home With Myself.  Magnus Books.

Monette, Sarah and Elizabeth Bear.  The Tempering of Men.  Tor Books.

Pitts, J.A.  Honeyed Words.  Tor Books.

Priest, Cherie.  Hellbent.  Ballantine.

Ryman, Geoff.  Paradise Tales.  Small Beer Press.

Servin, James.  Lovestruck.  Epigraph.

Silverstein, Charles.  For the Ferryman:  A Personal History.  Chelsea Station.

Simmonds, Kevin, ed.  Collective Brightness:  LGBTIQ Poets on Faith, Religion and Spirituality.  Sibling Rivalry Press.

Smith, Michael V.  Progress.  Cormorant Books Inc.

Torres, Justin.  We the Animals.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Van der Merwe, Andre Carl.  Moffie.  Europa Books.

Watton, J. Lee.  Out of Step.  A and M Books.


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