September Over the Rainbow Book Nominations–good reading for everyone!

By blogando  

Currimbhoy, Nayana. Miss Timmins’ School for Girls.   Harper. 

Ehrensaft, Diane.  Gender Born, Gender Made:  Raising Healthy Gender-Nonconforming Children.  The Experiment.

Gibson, Wesley.  Personal Saviors.  Chelsea Station.

Graves, Michael.  Dirty One.   Chelsea Station.

Hoffman, Wayne.  Sweet Like Sugar.   Kensington.

Jansson, Tove.  Fair Play.  New York Review of Books Classics.

Johnson, Tenea D.  Smoketown.  Blind Eye Books.

Kidd, Kenneth, PhD and Michelle Ann Abate, PhD.  Over the Rainbow:  Queer Children’s and Young Adult Literature.  University of Michigan.

Linmark. R. Zamora.  Leche.  Coffee House Press.

Retief, Glen.  The Jack Bank:  A Memoir of a South African Childhood.  St. Martins

Ryan, Garry.  Malabarista.  NeWest Press.

Packard, Georgeann.  Fall Asleep Forgetting.  Permanent Press.

Schwartz, James.  The  Literary Party:  A collection of poetry by James Schwartz.   InGroup Press.


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