Amazon Pilot Focuses on Transgender Issues

In response to the highly acclaimed and incredibly popular original programming from Netflix, Amazon has launched a series of pilots through their Prime service that give viewers the chance to vote on which show they would like to see more of. If a show gets enough support, it gets green lighted for a full season to be produced. One of these pilots from director-producer Jill Soloway is Transparent. The show follows Maura, a trans woman who is coming out later in life.

The show spends the majority of the pilot following Maura as she attempts to come out to her children. In a surprisingly nuanced fashion, the show promises to deftly deal with the issues that are common to many going through these experiences.

In an entertainment industry that all too often portrays transgender individuals in a hurtful, misunderstood, or downright cruel way, this pilot (were it to be produced into a series) could be a meaningful landmark in the progress of the public’s perception of transgender people.

View a brief trailer for the show below:


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