RainbowRT Executive Board

2019-20 RainbowRT Executive Board

(most up-to-date list here – http://www.ala.org/rt/glbtrt/about/glb-ec)

Chair: Megan Drake, 2019-20
Chair-elect: Rae-Anne Montague, 2019-20
Past Chair: Ana Elisa De Campos Salles, 2019-20
Secretary: Sukrit Goswami, 2019-20
Treasurer: Ben Gomberg, 2019-21
GLBTRT Councilor: Deb Sica, 2019-22
Director-at-Large: Jessica Jupitus, 2019-21
Director-at-Large: Casey McCoy-Simmons, 2018-20
Director-at-Large: Anne L. Moore, 2019-20
Director-at-Large: Shira Pilarski, 2019-21
Director-at-Large: Walter Daniel Walker, 2019-20
ALA Staff Liaison: Jody Gray (2019-20) and Briana Jarnagin (2019-20)

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