Emerging Leader Profile: Allison DeVito

The GLBTRT is proud to highlight some of our current Emerging Leaders (ELs). Including people who are members of and/or sponsored by our round table, these spotlights will let you get to know some of the incredible people in our field and learn about the work that they’ve accomplished through the EL Program. Donate today to the GLBTRT’s Emerging Leader fund and continue supporting amazing new librarians!

Name, Organization: Allison DeVito, Westerville Public Library

Emerging Leader project: GLBTRT 50th Anniversary Archive

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a librarian? (And/or, what is your favorite library memory?)  My favorite part of being a librarian is connecting people to their next favorite book. I love reader’s advisory and learning about new books. I love to connect people to something they’re dying to read or never would have picked up on their own.

Q: What inspired you to apply for the Emerging Leader program?  I wanted to apply to the Emerging Leader program as a way to contribute to the profession, as well as my own leadership development. I wanted to challenge myself to break out of my small professional shell and meet other librarians around the country.

Q: What advice would you share with new librarians and library students about getting involved in ALA and other professional organizations? Start early and start soon. There are so many wonderful opportunities in ALA and it can seem overwhelming at first. Begin with a roundtable; chances are there is one that coincides with your interests and dues are usually low. Then you can begin to connect with people and learn how to grow more within the ALA organization.

Q: How do you anticipate the Emerging Leaders program will impact your career and/or professional involvement?  It is going to help with both my networking skills and my project management experience. I have already met librarians from all around the country, and built a solid foundation of teamwork among my cohort for the GLBTRT project.

Q: Where do you see librarianship evolving in the future?  What are you hopes for the profession?  What are you hopes for your career?  I think one of the most fundamental aspects of librarianship is its necessity to evolve with its surroundings. The library of the past is vastly different than ones today. My hope for the profession is that we are still able to provide access to information for all people, regardless of any barrier society may try to place on them. Affording access is one of my highest values as a librarian, and I hope to be able to provide that in any future professional role I may have.


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