LGBTQIA Entertainment Roundup

By Thomas Maxheimer

Ruth Bader Ginsberg ‘RBG’ documentary trailer released & it is absolutely everything

The film will hit theatres May 4th.  Watch the trailer here.

TV ready to unleash array of LGBT themes, characters

Susan Hornik of the The Los Angeles Blade talked with LGBT journalists about their views on the new LGBTQ themed shows coming soon.

A Queer Sensibility Radically Changes Virtual Reality

VR is everywhere now, movies, libraries, TV shows.  Check out this short clip of an interview with Sandi Cioffi, founder of Fearless 360, that talks about how virtual reality can push beyond transactional experiences (monetization of VR) and lead to transformational experiences.  Cioffi goes on to say VR can be a tool to bend humanity toward peace.


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