Current Scholarship Roundup: LGBTQ Identities Online, Archives and more

By Emilia R. Marcyk

Scholarship and academic news that addresses LGBTQ identities and concerns, of interest to librarians and information professionals


  • DeNardis, Laura, and Andrea M. Hackl. “Internet Control Points as LGBT Rights Mediation.” Information, Communication & Society6 (2016): 753-770. URL: 

    How does the structure and governance of the internet help or hinder LGBT speech and community building? This paper examines how questions of LGBT rights are “increasingly materializing within technical functions of Internet governance and architecture rather than at the surface level of content.”

  • Heaney, Emma. “Women-Identified Women: Trans Women in 1970s Lesbian Feminist Organizing.” Trans Studies Quarterly1/2 (2016): 137-145. URL: 

    Heaney’s article examines the archive of trans women’s involvement with the lesbian feminist movement of the 1970s. May be of interest to librarians and archivists as an example of the importance of archival texts for understanding marginalized voices within a broader social movement.

  • McInroy, Lauren B. “Pitfalls, Potentials, and Ethics of Online Survey Research: LGBTQ and Other Marginalized and Hard-to-Access Youths.” Social Work Research2 (2016): 83-93. URL: 

    This article discusses opportunities and challenges around surveying LGBTQ youth in online environments within the context of social work research, but may also provide insight to librarians/information professional hoping to reach these groups.

Call for Submissions

A forthcoming book from McFarland, titled Gender Studies in the Library: Case Studies, Programming, Outreach, is looking for contributions. The book will be edited by Carol Smallwood and Lura Sanborn.

From the call for chapter proposals:

One or two chapters sought from U.S. practicing academic, public, school, special librarians, LIS faculty, sharing practical know-how about what works for Women/ Men/LGBTIQ to meet patron gender information. Chapters sought useful to public, school, special librarians, LIS faculty: proven, creative, case studies, how-to chapters based on experience to help colleagues with innovative workshops, outreach, grants, resources.

Topics could include but are not limited to: getting boys to use the library; showcasing GBLTIQ voices; programming, successful examples, intentions and outcomes; acquisitions, to support, showcase, represent; wage gaps; women’s studies librarianship.

Further information about proposals and contact information is available on the Library Writer’s Blog: Proposals are due June 30, 2016.

Academic News

Gale recently released a collection of LGBTQ archival material as part of its Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity digital collection.

From the collection description:

This […] collection brings together approximately 1.5 million pages of primary sources on social, political, health, and legal issues impacting LGBTQ communities around the world. Rare and unique content from newsletters, organizational papers, government documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, and other types of primary sources sheds light on the gay rights movement, activism, the HIV/AIDS crisis, and more.

Further information about the release (as well as future expansion) is available on Gale’s website:



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