New resource available-“Bisexual Fiction: Adult and Young Adult”

By Eric Hanshaw

There is a new resource posted on the GLBTRT Professional Tools page. It is under Bibliographies: Subject under the title Bisexual Fiction: Adult & Young Adult.

Bisexuality is an often poorly represented part of the LGBTQ spectrum, and while literature that deals with gay and lesbian characters has slowly grown, there are still not that many depictions of bisexual people in literature. It can be difficult for one to find media that depicts bisexual and other non-monosexual people, as few works advertise their characters’ bisexuality in the same way lesbian and gay characters are featured.

This bibliography contains Adult and Young Adult fiction that feature bisexual and other non-monosexual people as either main characters or major supporting characters. Many of the works are award-winning, and have been featured on the Rainbow List and the Over the Rainbow List. The bibliography is by no means exhaustive, but its purpose is to highlight a number of Bisexual Adult and Young Adult Fiction across diverse genres, and to help aid readers, researchers, and other interested individuals in finding fiction with bisexual characters. Each entry is annotated, and there is a link to each entry’s respective Worldcat page.”


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