Off the Shelf #1: LGBT librarianship 
Off the Shelf #2: Through the Looking-Glass
Off the Shelf #3: The World of Joseph and His Friend
Off the Shelf #4: Out of These Worlds : LGBT Beings and Science Fiction/Fantasy
Off the Shelf #5: Now that We're Legal : The Literature of LGBT Civil Rights Advice
Off the Shelf #6: The Land Between: Intersex Characters in Fiction and Memoir
Off the Shelf #7 In Olden Days: Gay Marriage and the Homophile Movement
Off the Shelf #8: Writing the T in LGBT
Off the Shelf #9: Silvering the Rainbow
Off the Shelf #10: Courting Equality
Off the Shelf #11: Upon the Wicked Stage: Tracking LGBT Theatre History
Off the Shelf #12: You Can Always Go Downtown: LGBT Urban Histories
Off the Shelf #13: Shadow of the Minaret: LGBT People in the Islamic World
Off the Shelf #14: Under an Eastern Moon: Writing LGBT China
Off the Shelf #15: Land of Many Faces: Telling the Tales of LGBT India
 Off the Shelf #16: Beyond the Inland Sea: Homosexuality in Japanese History and Culture
Off the Shelf #17: Down Country Roads: LGBT Rural Life and Communities
 Off the Shelf #18: The Folks Next Door: The Literatures of LGBT Canada
 Off the Shelf #19: Threads of Lives: Documenting the AIDS Quilt
 Off the Shelf #20: Across the Pond: Exploring the LGBT Heritage of England
 Off the Shelf #21: Inside the Lavender Tower: LGBT People in Academe
 Off the Shelf #22: Somos Aqui: Writings on LGBT Latino and Hispanic Identities and Cultures
Off the Shelf #23: Around the Samovar:  Tracking LGBT Russian Histories
Off the Shelf #24: The Road is Calling: Gay Travel and Tourism Writing
Off the Shelf #25 Coming Out Down Under: Tracking the Australian LGBT Story
Lesbian Sleuths #1: Ten Classic Series 
 Lesbian Sleuths #2: Ten Mystery/Romance Series 
 Into Poetry, or, How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Verse
 Top Twenty Contemporary Lesbian Romances from 2013 
 LGBT Graphic Narratives Turn “Golden”
 Less & More: Spring/Summer 2015 Trends in YA LGBTQIA fiction
 Playing Catch Up: Missed GLBTQIA Titles 
 Lesbian Paranormal Romance 
 Interview with the author: Adrian Brooks
 Can Trans Literature Stand on Its Own?




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