Book review: Good Boy: My Life in Seven Dogs, by Jennifer Finney Boylan

Boylan, Jennifer Finney. Good Boy: My Life in Seven Dogs. Celadon Books. 2020. $26.99. 272 pages. 9781250261878.

Watching your children grow up is not for the faint of heart, nor is growing older. In Good Boy: My Life in Seven Dogs, Jennifer Finney Boylan reminds us that our proudest moments are marked by getting through all our stages of life. Going through life is also more entertaining and loving with a furry friend by our side. We follow Jennifer as she starts her life as a boy and then as a man. She takes us through the stages of transition she follows to be her true self and become a woman. After reading this book I just wanted to express gratitude for letting me into her life through the pages of her memoir. Thank you,  Jennifer,  for opening your heart to the people who read this story. I found myself crying a lot as I am a mother of a transgender son and have been in the same position as the author on more than one occasion. Reading Jenny’s book has made me realize all the feelings that my son may have had in his own heart.

The dogs, oh how I loved the stories of all the dogs. Many a dog lover will also look back at their lives and realize the years are marked by the years that you have with your dogs. As I finished this book with tears in my eyes and dog fur in my lap, I realized how lucky I was to have read such a wonderful story.

Family and love are the focus, and that includes the love that we all have for our dogs…especially today, I am going to go get another tissue.


Molly Scheibler

Youth Services Supervisor – Indian Trails Public Library District


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