GLBTRT Midwinter News: ALA Executive Board and Awards

GLBTRT Members Elected to Executive Board: GLBT Round Table members Peter Hepburn and Gina Persichini have been elected to the ALA Executive Board. Though they’re not ones to brag, we’re very proud on their behalf of the fact that they were elected by the two largest margins among any of the members joining Executive Board. Congratulations to them both! They will begin their three year terms at the last ALA Executive Board meeting of Annual 2014. Mike Marlin, another GLBT Round Table member, was also elected to the ALA Executive Board for a shorter term. (We apologize for this earlier omission! -JMF)

For more information about the ALA Executive Board, click here (or view their official job description). Also, you can find a complete list of ALA Executive Board members here.

Awards Season Announcements: It’s awards season, and not just for the Grammy’s and endless film awards. The GLBTRT has announced its 2014 Rainbow List, Over the Rainbow List, and Stonewall Book Awards winners. Click on the links to view our news posts about each award. A big thanks to everyone who served on a committee this year. These all look awesome!

Updated: January 29, 2014


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