Over The Rainbow Project Announces Its 2014 Book List!

The Over the Rainbow Project, a committee of the GLBT Round Table of the American Library Association, announced its 2014 book list at the ALA Midwinter Meeting last week. The list contains 71 titles that the committee feels “exhibit commendable literary quality and significant LGBT content” that are produced for audiences primarily over the age of 18. This year, items for consideration were published between July 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013.

A special thanks to the committee members that worked long and hard on compiling this valuable resource: Robert Graziano, Chair, Chicago, IL; Kelly McElroy, Chair-Elect, Iowa City, IA; David Combe, Ventura, CA; Annaliese Fidgeon, Northridge, CA.; Jessica Louise Jones, Santa Fe, NM; Louis Munoz, Jr., Brooklyn, NY; Robert Ridinger, DeKalb, IL; Nel Ward, Newport, OR.

Click here to view the full list. Here’s a look at the top ten items the committee chose:

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