British Library, Oxford, and Others Release Large Number of Public Domain Images

The British Library has released over one million images from digitized books from 1600-1900 onto Flickr Commons for anyone to use, mix, and repurpose. Maps, comical satire, decorative letters, landscapes, and other illustrations are now in the public domain thanks to a gift from Microsoft.  The featured image comes from Historia de las Indias de Nueva-España y islas de Tierra Firme, 1867. To provide more information about the source of illustrations, the Library plans to release tools that will let willing participants gather information about the Flickr Commons collection. You can jump into the entire collection  or view a set of highlights here.

Oxford’s Bodelian Library has put a digitized version of a 550-year-old Gutenberg Bible online as well as other ancient bibles. Additionally, more images were releases from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, the Getty,  and the Digital Public Library of America. All of these images are in the public domain.


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