LGBTQIA World News Roundup

By Tricia Boucher

Everyone is welcome: the only gay hangout in the Arab world

Helem, in Beirut, Lebanon, is the first (and only) community center for LGBTQI+ persons in the “Arab world”.  Lebanon has a fairly open LGBT community, but the Beirut Pride festival has been suspended this year.

China’s LGBT community treads cautiously amid intolerance

Trying to celebrate International Anti-Homophobia Day is difficult if you’re not allowed to congregate…or even run a celebratory 5k run as a group.

Colombia LGBT: The shop that wants men to ‘leave behind shyness’

Tranxtienda, in Bogota, Colombia, is an in-house-designed clothing store and tailor shop for men who prefer to dress in women’s clothing, no matter their sexual orientation.  It also functions as a social club for those who are not comfortable stepping out in their new attire.


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