LGBTQIA US News Roundup

By Tricia Boucher

MSNBC’s Joy Reid sorry for ‘hateful’ blogs she does not believe she wrote

Joy Reid has apologized for homophobic language in some old blogposts.  While she has apologized for past statements, she does not believe she wrote the blogposts that mocked gay persons.  A security firm she hired was not able to produce any signs that her social media accounts were hacked. 

Massachusetts Schools Roll Out Comprehensive LGBT Curriculum

From Stonewall to queer authors, LGBT students will start to see themselves in the way history and literature are taught in Massachusetts schools.

A former police employee said he killed a man in ‘a gay panic’ — an actual legal defense that worked

Apparently, men can be so scared of being hit on by another man that they have the right to kill the gay man…and get away with it.  And this is true of all states except California and Illinois.


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