LGBTQIA World News Roundup

By Tricia Boucher

Cannes-bound film about lesbians banned in Kenya
Rafiki, a Kenyan film about two women who fall in love, has been banned in its home country of Kenya…despite being praised by the head of the Kenya Film Classification Board.

The Connection Between Strong Economies and LGBT Rights Is No Joke
The authors of this article co-authored three studies showing the relationship between public acceptance of LGBT persons, legal rights of LGBT persons, and a country’s economic performance…and find the connection is both strong and positive.

For South African gay star, defiance is key to survival
Nakhane, South African star of “The Wound”, a movie about the Xhosa male initiation ceremony in which he plays a man in a same-sex relationship, talks about surviving and thriving after the receiving death threats once the movie was released.


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  1. The article about the connection between a strong economy and LGBTQ rights is intriguing but clicking on the title leads to an OSU firewall. Can you provide a citation that I might be able to find elsewhere?

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