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Nominations Open for the GLBTRT Award for Political Activism

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By Sam Leif

The GLBTRT Award for Political Activism is designed for someone who is involved in efforts to promote GLBT issues, impedes the progress of anti-GLBT efforts, or raises awareness of GLBT matters locally, statewide, nationally or internationally.  The award recognizes the work of taking a clear stance on an issue, voicing an opinion and working to ensure that positive change happens for the GLBT community. The award may be given for a specific action, repeated actions (like a campaign), or a lifetime of work. It honors librarians, library related organizations (including libraries, library staff, library boards, library friends), and other individuals or groups (public or private).

The 2017 GLBTRT Award for Political Activism recipient was the Association for Library Service to Children. The ALSC Board of Directors was recognized for its stand for nondiscrimination by cancelling its 2016 National Institute that had been scheduled to be held in North Carolina due the repealing of all GLBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances throughout North Carolina.

GLBTRT 2017 Chair Deb Sica commended ALSC saying, “the careful consideration and subsequent bravery of ALSC leadership and the incredible support of the membership in their stand against discriminatory practices cannot and should not go unrecognized. We thank them for their thoughtful actions in challenging times.”

In response, ALSC made a clear statement in support of the GLBT community “Cancelling the 2016 ALSC National Institute in Charlotte was not an easy thing to do, but standing up for our organization’s core values is something we must always do, and we’re very grateful for the collaboration and friendship of GLBTRT,” said past president Andrew Medlar.

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