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New York Public Library hosts blog entries from Perry Brass’s “Why We Fight”

The New York Public Library site has the first of a series of blog entries by author/activist Perry Brass in conjunction with the NYPL’s show “Why We Fight: Remembering AIDS Activism.” The blog, “A Prophesy Before Our Time: The Gay Men’s Health Project Clinic Opens in 1972,” describes an activist grass-roots clinic Brass helped start with two close friends–the first clinic specifically for gay men on the East Coast that advocated for the use of condoms a decade before AIDS surfaced. None of the three had any background in public health, medicine, or social work. Brass’s background was in the arts, but at that time there was a constant flow between art and activism, something that accelerated during the AIDS Crisis.

In many ways, the Gay Men’s Project Clinic was a model for queer community health activism and continues to this day as New York’s Callen-Lourde Community Health Clinic. The blog’s flyer, which Brass designed when he was making visual art, is now in the collection of the International Gay Information Collection, which came out of the International Gay Archive, one of the first gay archives in the US, curated by the late John Hammond, editor of Christopher Street magazine.

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