LGBTQIA Politics Roundup

By Thomas Maxheimer

Tennessee just passed a new law meant to undermine LGBTQ rights

Family Action Council of Tennessee, which advocates for one-man, one-woman marriage, pushed for the law, which states any word undefined in state law must be used according to its “natural and ordinary meaning.”  While not overtly stated, this is a duplicitous way of encouraging state judges to deny rights to same-sex couples and transgender people. More in-depth coverage here.

Pastor who thinks gay men are pedophiles poses proudly in Oval Office with Trump

Is there anyone who is unsure of how the Trump Administration feels about LGBT+ citizens?  This may help you decide.  Hate monger and Pastor of a Dallas mega-church who preaches that gay men are all pedophiles posed with U.S. President Donald Trump inside the Oval Office on May 4th.  Robert Jeffress was on hand to attend the signing of the “religious liberty” executive order.

Texas House Passes Bill Legalizing Discrimination Against Prospective LGBTQ Adoptive Parents

HB 3859 would allow adoption and foster care agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ+ adoptive parents and children in need of a home.  This bill would also forbid the state from cancelling a state contract with an agency that subjected children to “conversion therapy.”  Clearly the Texas legislature is dead set on repealing LGBT+ citizens’ rights because this is the latest in a line of bills repealing their rights.


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