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LGBTQIA Scholarship Roundup for April 26, 2017

By Emilia Marcyk

Current scholarship and academic news addressing LGBTQIA identities and concerns, of interest to librarians, educators, and information professionals.


Bartholomaeus, Clare, et al. “The Capacity of South Australian Primary School Teachers and Pre-Service Teachers to Work with Trans and Gender Diverse Students.” Teaching & Teacher Education, vol. 65, July 2017, pp. 127-135.  URL: http :// 

An examination of primary school (and pre-service) teacher attitudes towards transgender and gender diverse students. Results show that training has a positive impact on attitudes towards students.

Capuzza, Jamie and Leland Spencer. “Regressing, Progressing, or Transgressing on the Small Screen? Transgender Characters on U.S. Scripted Television Series.” Communication Quarterly, vol. 65, no. 2, 2017, pp. 214-230. URL:

An exploration of transgender characters in nine US television series. Depictions have become more nuanced over time, but various parts of the transgender experience are still invisible.

Hanna, Jennie. “One Student at a Time: A Reflection of Support for a First-Year GSA Club and Its Impact on Perceived Acceptance for LGBTQ Students.” Clearing House, vol. 90, no. 3, 2017, pp. 98-102. URL:

An overview of the history of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in schools, and how effectively they foster feelings of inclusion among LGBTQ high school students.

Calls for Proposals

LITA Forum 2017

The LITA Forum 2017 planning committee is interested in submissions from the LGBTQ+ community about many aspects of libraries and technology, including:

  • Discovery, navigation, and search
  • Practical applications of linked data
  • Library spaces (virtual or physical)
  • User experience
  • Emerging technologies
  • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Open content, software, and technologies
  • Assessment, analytics, and metrics
  • Systems integration
  • Hacking the library
  • Scalability and sustainability of library services and tools
  • Consortial resource and system sharing
  • “Big Data” — work in discovery, preservation, or documentation
  • Library I.T. competencies
  • Diversity in library technology
  • Technology Leadership and Administration

Proposals are due May 19, 2017. More information, and a link to the proposal submission form is available on the LITA blog. 

Women & Performance

A special issue of the journal Women & Performance entitled “Queer Circuits in Archival Times: Performance, Networked Data, Digital Culture” may be of interest to some librarians or information professionals. The special issue was inspired by last year’s Queer Circuits in Archival Times conference. The deadline for paper submissions is June 1, 2017. More information is available on the Queer Circuits website.


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