LGBTQIA Politics Roundup

By Thomas Maxheimer

Georgia GOP Lawmakers Add Anti-LGBT Provision to Adoption Bill in Sneak Attack

Georgia GOP lawmakers made a sneak attack on LGBT+ people by adding a discriminatory provision to an adoption bill pending in the state legislature.  The changes were done over the objections of the sponsor of the bill who said he had been notified of them less than two hours before the vote.

HRC President Chad Griffin: ‘We are going to hold Donald Trump’s tiny little hands to the fire’

‘We are under siege by a president and administration who seem to hold all our values in contempt,’ Griffin said at the HRC Los Angeles Gala.  ‘Now for the first time he has a real boss. No, not Vladimir Putin. The American people. We won’t stand by … our job is to hold the bully accountable.

Trump Appoints Anti-Transgender Think Tank Director To HHS Post

Donald Trump has appointed Roger Severino, former director of right-wing think tank Heritage Foundation, to be the director of the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services.  Severino is a fierce opponent of LGBT+ rights and will now will be in charge of the office tasked with guaranteeing equal access to health care and public benefits.


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