Current Scholarship Roundup: Queer Geekdom, GSAs, and more

By Emilia R. Marcyk

This round-up features scholarship and academic news that addresses LGBTQ identities and concerns, of interest to librarians, educators, and information professionals.


  • Dadas, Caroline. “Messy Methods: Queer Methodological Approaches to Researching Social Media.” Computers & Composition 40 (2016): 60-72. URL:
    Using a queer methodological approach, Dadas explores the ethical quandaries around social media research. She looks at the balance between public and private in these spaces, and the role of the queer researcher in the process.
  • Goodrich, Kristopher et al. “The Lived Experiences of LGBTQQIAA Advocates in Education.” Teacher Educator 51.3 (2016): 211-229. URL:
    This article examines the role of advocates for LGBTQQIAA students in K-12 education, and the process of developing a critical pedagogy to serve these students. May be of interest to librarians working in the K-12 world looking to bring these kinds of conversations to their workplace.
  • Marx, Robert, and Heather Kettrey. “Gay-Straight Alliances Are Associated with Lower Levels of School-Based Victimization of LGBTQ+ Youth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.” Journal of Youth & Adolescence 45.7 (2016): 1269-1282. URL:
    A systematic review of the literature related to Gay-Straight Alliances and their role in decreasing victimization and bullying of LBGTQ youth. An analysis of 15 studies found that GSAs increase self-reported feelings of safety and belonging in schools.


Flamecon, New York’s queer Comic Con is happening this August 20 and 21. Any comic librarians out there who can justify going to this for work? From the Con website:

Flame Con (August 20 and 21) is a two-day comics, arts, and entertainment expo showcasing creators and celebrities from all corners of LGBTQ geek fandom. It features thoughtful discussions, exclusive performances, screenings, costumes, and more! The expo will begin with an after-party on Friday August 19, taking place at The Bell House in Brooklyn NY.

Geeks of all types are invited to attend and celebrate the diversity and creativity of queer geekdom and LGBTQ contributions to pop culture.

Further details and ticket information is available here:


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