Proposed Russian law to ban coming out

By John Mack Freeman

A new proposed law would make coming out by LGBT people a crime. Via

The new bill is being drafted as an amendment to Russia’s infamous ban on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,” which currently imposes fines and censure for any person or agency making pro-LGBT statements in any venue that could be accessible to minors. The original legislation was drafted by members of Putin’s ruling United Russia Party, though both chambers of Russia’s legislature passed the law unanimously.

If the proposed amendment is signed into law, anyone who publicly declares a “‘non-traditional sexual orientation’ could be fined $5,000 roubles ($80) for ‘demonstrating [their] own expressed sexual preferences in public places,” reports Newsweek Europe.Making such a declaration in a school, “cultural establishment,” or government building could land the offender in jail for 15 days.

This bill follows a wave of terror and harassment that has hit Russia’s LGBT community since Russian President Putin signed the previous bill into law in 2013.


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