Waiting to Land

Waiting to Land

Waiting to Land is Martin Duberman’s latest installment in his memoirs as a queer activist and academic in New York City for the past 25 years. It follows his earlier memoirs, Cures and Midlife Queer, and joins more than 15 other books that he has authored.

This is chronological diary, built around a wide variety of activities and issues, including the 25th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, ACT-UP (and other queer activist groups), his work on a biography about Paul Robeson, and the NYC publishing world. One of Duberman’s greatest contributions in this era, and a project that takes up a lot of space in this volume, is his work founding and nurturing the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) housed at the CUNY Graduate Center. The book is jam-packed with short descriptions of historical events in the LGBT community, notes on meetings, and commentary on the huge cast of people with which he has worked with.

In Waiting to Land, Duberman has kept a diary for the LGBT community of NYC, and it is a fascinating read for anyone who is touched by that time and those people.

Reviewed by, Morgan Gwenwald
SUNY New Paltz


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