Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics #5

Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics #5. Atlanta: Prism Comics, 2008. Softcover. 160p. ISBN:0975976432. $7.95

Anyone familiar with trends in YA reading, as well as literacy teaching strategies, knows that the current hot topic is Graphic Novels. Well beyond the Snoopy and Spiderman of yesteryear, these new titles offer something for readers of every ability, taste, and orientation, and they’re being published at an ever-increasing rate. Which begs the question: how do librarians decide what’s best in general, much less what’s best in service to their special populations? And how does a reader know which titles would be worth checking out or even purchasing? To address this dilemma, Prism Comics began publishing an annual guide to LGBT titles and storylines, the fifth edition of which is in current release.

A fun read in and of itself, Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics #5 offers reviews, artist and author interviews, convention dates, excerpts, and amusing one-off extras like “Top 10 Signs You Are a Mad Scientist.” Beyond its own merits, the guide offers solid information on LGBT titles, storylines, and characters in graphic works by a variety of publishers. While libraries of more limited means or smaller LGBT patronage might want to save their money for purchasing complete titles rather than merely a review, more affluent libraries would do their LGBT patrons a great service by providing them with this excellent and entertaining resource.

Reviewed by Amanda Clay
Lakeview Elementary School


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