Sign Up Today for the GLBTRT Annual Conference Buddy Program!

Via e-mail from Sherry Machones

Did you know that the GLBTRT has a Buddy Program? The goal of this program is to bring together active round table members with new and/or prospective members or members becoming active for the first time or after a long absence. The program is formally for only one conference but can continue if the pairings wish.

If this will be your first conference or the first in awhile, and you would like a buddy, fill out the request form at

If you want to help out our newer members, please fill out the form at The active GLBTRT member is asked to commit to the program for one conference; attend the GLBTRT Social; touch base with the buddy before the conference; meet with the buddy before or at the Social; introduce the buddy to people at the Social; give advice and information about GLBTRT meetings/activities; and, if possible, meet at least once more at the conference after the Social. Matchings will hopefully be with people who work or hope to work in the same type of library.

GLBTRT will announce the new buddy assignments about two weeks before the meeting begins.

Both novices and veterans who plan to attend ALA Annual Conference in Chicago are invited to answer the questions at the online GLBTRT Buddy page. The online form includes a space to indicate names for a match. Questions should be addressed to Sherry Machones at


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