Same-Sex Couples in Banana Republic Ad, Other Commercials

When apparel retailer Banana Republic decided to use model couples from real life, the company included interior designers Nate Berkus and his fiancé, Jeremiah Brent. The photos of them rolling on the grass, cuddling, and posing with other models will appear in magazines including InStyle and Rolling Stone. The ad agency said that its goal was “to reflect our world and how we live … in a true, genuine way.”

Another corporation, Coca-Cola, also used a gay couple in advertising, this time in its commercial during the most recent Super Bowl and later during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. In its commercial for the same ceremony, Chevrolet showed a gay couple’s Cape Cod wedding. Also seen in that ad were families with same-sex parents. Royal Caribbean International used teenage Tom Daley, a British diver who is dating another man; Daley will be a brand ambassador for Neo streetwear from Adidas.


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