Rainbow Project Addresses GLBTRT Changes for Committees

Thanks to Miss Ingrid for this great view of The Rainbow Project.

In the post-Midwinter Meeting report for the Rainbow Project Committee, Chair Christie Gibrich addressed several issues that other GLBTRT committees are also tackling.

  • Language: GLBTRT Board eliminated the words “nomination,” “nominate,” and “nominee” from the round table’s committees that select bibliographies and awards. Alternate terms suggested by the Rainbow Project are “recommended” or “selected.”
  • Chair-elect/Past-chair: In line with ALA procedures, these positions will no longer exist. The Rainbow Project, however, recommends the retention of the project assistant as YALSA and ALSC bibliography and award committees have. The person in this position will help the chair in communication responsibilities.
  • Appointments: The Rainbow Project members request that the person appointing future members emphasize that they are to give this committee top priority and decline appointment to any other bibliography/award committee while serving on The Rainbow Project. There have been problems on both the 2013 and 2014 committees with people serving on more than one bibliography/award committee.
  • Virtual meetings: Committee members requested an investigation of whether a virtual option would be available for active participants who cannot attend Midwinter Meeting because of an emergency such as family health and weather.

Executive Board member Ingrid Abrams, also a member of The Rainbow Project, has posted an excellent overview of the committee and its importance on her blog: http://magpielibrarian.wordpress.com/#content


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