Gay Marriage Lawsuits – State by State

Judges have found both Utah and Oklahoma’s gay marriage bans to be unconstitutional. This has led many to believe that the writing is on the wall for gay marriage bans nationwide. Indeed, many lawsuits are currently working their way through, challenging gay marriage bans in several states.

In Kentucky, a case challenging that state’s gay marriage laws is of special interest as this is the first case that will be decided in regards to gay marriage by a judge appointed by a Republican since the 2013 decision in the DOMA case. Judge John G. Heyburn II was appointed by President George H. W. Bush.

In Michigan, a 2004 amendment banning gay marriage is being challenged. The decision is due on February 25th, and U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman in Detroit is seeking expert advice before making his final decision in the case,

In Pennsylvania, both Governor Corbett and the state Attorney general have been removed as defendants in the lawsuits challenging their state’s gay marriage ban.

In South Dakota, Don Frankenfeld of Equality South Dakota stated in a recent interview that that state’s 2006 amendment banning gay marriage may be challenged soon given the recent successes in Utah and Oklahoma.

In Utah, the State Tax Commission has declared that same sex couples can file taxes jointly. This applies to both couples married elsewhere and those married within the state before the Supreme Court stayed the recent decision finding Utah’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional.



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