LGBTQIA Entertainment Roundup

By A. Faulkner

Vida Doesn’t Just Represent Queer Latinx Women, It Empowers Them Offscreen

The new Starz show “explores the relationships of Latinx women in Los Angeles, particularly two sisters who come to claim the estate of their mother, Vida, and find a third of it has been left to her wife of two years, who they’ve never heard about.”

Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears asks people to ‘keep their queer values’ in candid interview

In a new interview, the musician told Channel 4, “It’s important that as society becomes more inclusive, we’re allowed to marry each other, that we keep our queer values.”

Dave Holmes Says Gay Media Ignores “Non-Traditional Gay Male Body Shapes”

Holmes came out in 2001.  “But when you have what I will call ‘non-traditional gay male body shapes,’ then you might notice the gay media will just ignore you entirely.”


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