LGBTQIA Rights Roundup

By Thomas Maxheimer

Why Are Murders Of Gay And Bi Men Up A Staggering 400 Percent?

Atomwaffen Division is described as “a well-armed neo-Nazi group enamored with Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler whose members harbor grand and demented delusions of fighting a ‘race war’ and overthrowing the U.S. government.”  They have killed five LGBTQ people in an eight-month period.

Americans less accepting of LGBT people in 2017

An unwelcome, yet not entirely surprising according to some, report from USA Today.  According to the GLAAD study, in 2016 53% of non-LGBTQ adults reported they were “very” or “somewhat” accepting of LGBTQ people while in 2017 that number was down to 49%.

Trump administration refuses to hear trans students’ discrimination complaints

Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, has announced they will refuse to hear civil rights discrimination complaints of transgender students.  The Office Of Civil Rights has informed students who had complaints before them for such things as discrimination in sporting teams that the Office is no longer required to handle such issues.

Georgia Senate Panel Approves Bill Allowing Adoption Agencies to Deny Gay Couples

The “Keep Faith in Adoption and Foster Care Act” not only enshrines discrimination into law by allowing agencies to turn away LGBTQ adoptive parents, it also makes it illegal for the Georgia Department of Human Services to take “adverse action” against the groups discriminating against LGBTQ people.


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