LGBTQIA Rights Roundup

By Thomas Maxheimer

Advocacy group: Nearly a third of Trump judicial nominees are anti-LGBT

Lambda Legal recently released their analysis of the Trump administration and found that nearly a third have records that exhibit hostility to LGBTQ rights.

Trump tax bill will have devastating effect on LGBT community, campaigners say

The bill, which is intended to give $1.5 trillion in tax cuts has the potential to devastate many in the LGBTQ community.  According to David Stacy, director of government affairs at the Human Rights Commission, the tax bill “threatens the healthcare of millions of Americans”.

Appeals court rules against Trump & in favor of trans service members

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered that the Department of Defense must stay on schedule to start recruiting transgender people in January.  The Trump administration had asked the appeals court for a stay.  The transgender military ban that the Trump administration is attempting to put I place has been previously ruled as unconstitutional.


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