LGBTQIA Rights Roundup

By Thomas Maxheimer

Harvard and Yale welcome more bisexual freshmen than ever before

A survey has revealed that 7.9% of students in the 2021 graduating class of Harvard identify as bisexual, up from 2.5% in 2007.  At Yale, 5% of freshmen identify as bisexual, higher than the 1.8% of overall U.S. population.

Russian Official Warns Canada of Consequences for Helping Gay Men Fleeing Persecution in Chechnya

According to reports, Canada has granted asylum to 31 gay men fleeing persecution from Chechnya.  According to the Canadian paper Globe and Mail, Russian has warned of “consequences” of this action.

DOJ Files SCOTUS Amicus Brief Backing Anti-Gay Baker

“The Justice Department filed a brief today with the Supreme Court arguing that businesses that are open to the public have a constitutional right to discriminate against LGBT people.” – ACLU press release


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