New LGBTQ+ Graphic Novels Bibliography Available

bookshelf of graphic novels of many colors and sizesBy Eric Hanshaw

There is a new resource posted on the GLBTRT Professional Tools page. It is under Bibliographies: General Reading under the title LGBTQ+ Graphic Novels. You can also view the PDF here.

This bibliography was created to highlight graphic novels and comic books that either star LGBTQ+ characters, or feature them as part of an ensemble. The titles on the bibliography span genres and age groups, and many are award-winning. Each entry has an annotation, and most of the titles have a link to the related Worldcat record. Several of the titles originated as webcomics, and in the case of those titles, a link to the original webcomic has also been provided. The bibliography is by no means exhaustive, but it aims to help aid readers, researchers, and other interested individuals in finding graphic novels and comics that feature LGBTQ+ characters, themes, and topics.


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