LGBTQIA Rights Roundup

By Thomas Maxheimer

A rare court ruling extends protection to LGBT workers

In the face of hundreds of anti-LGBT+ bills being introduced across the nation, a federal appeals court ruled that the Civil Rights Act protects LGBT employees from workplace discrimination. The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals held that plaintiff Kimberly Hively’s 2014 lawsuit against Ivy Tech Community College could proceed.  Hively argued that the school violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it denied the adjunct instructor full-time employment based on her sexual orientation.

Should LGBT people be worried about Gorsuch making it onto the Supreme Court?

Only if you like having the freedom to marry, to get medical care, to have a place to live, or to use the bathroom.  Gorsuch was a key figure in the Hobby Lobby case, which gave corporations the right to hold religious beliefs.  Vlogger Mat Baume sums it up in 4 minutes.

The Implications of Donald Trump’s Heterosexual Census

If we don’t understand the size and scope of the LGBT community, we cannot understand the impact of and need for social services, education, public assistance, health care, housing, and so on.  We will also be in the dark about the extent to which LGBT persons are victims of discrimination or disadvantaged in health care when we are left out of federal or state contracts.  Even more importantly, erasing an entire community from the Constitutionally-required counting is to suggests we do not exist, we don’t matter, and we are not United States citizens.   Mr. Trump, we will not go back into the closet and pretend not to exist.


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