LGBTQIA Rights Roundup

By Thomas Maxheimer

What’s Really Behind Anti-Trans Bathroom Bans?

Matt Baume digs deeper into the Huffington Post article that explores the nation-wide push of state legislatures to pass anti-transgender “bathroom bills”.  He reviews the fiasco that has been North Carolina’s HB2 and the currently unfolding Texas law that recently passed it’s first hurtle and he finds what he believes are political motives at work.

South Dakota Is First State In 2017 To Legalize Discrimination Against LGBT People

While you’re compiling your list of potential summer vacation spots, cross South Dakota off the list.  This bill allows taxpayer funded agencies to refuse to provide any service, including adoption or foster care services, based only on the agency’s “religious” or “moral” convictions.  The ACLU of South Dakota as well as local and national child welfare experts have all opposed the bill.

What You Need To Know About LGBT Rights In 11 Maps

Equaldex has compiled a group of 11 maps that visually illustrate the state of LGBT rights across the world.


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