GLAAD: Diversity in GLBT film characters down in 2015

By John Mack Freeman

This week, GLAAD released its annual report on the state of GLBT representation in films produced by the major studios in Hollywood. Of 126 major releases, 17.5% had a character that identified as GLBT. Via PinkNews:

However, when it came to racial diversity of these characters there was a noticeable drop. The study found that of the 22 films featuring LGBT characters, only 25.5% were not white. This compared to 32.1% last year.

72.3% of characters were white, 10.6% were Latino, 8.5% were black and 6.4% were Asian. […]

Of the major studios that included LGBT characters, Lionsgate, led the way with eight out of 24 films (33%) being LGBT-inclusive. Warner Brothers followed with five of 25 films (20%), Universal had four of 21 films (19%), and Sony with 3 of 16 films (19%).

Two of Fox’s 17 films were inclusive (12%), but neither Disney nor Paramount included any LGBT content in their 2015 slates of 11 and 12 films respectively.


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