Georgia legislature passes religious freedom bill, business community urges veto

By John Mack Freeman

A large number of high-profile companies have come out against Georgia’s HB 757.

A large number of film and television companies and workers have come out against the law. Georgia has a growing film industry due to a sweetheart tax deal that makes it incredibly cheap to film in the state. Disney and its subsidiary Marvel Studios have both said that they will boycott the state if the law is passed. AMC Studios (which produces The Walking Dead in Georgia) has said it will take production of that show elsewhere if the law is passed. Other media companies including Viacom, 21st Century Fox, Starz, Time Warner, Lionsgate, Sony, The Weinstein Company, and Comedy Dynamics have also come out against the bill.

The NFL has also said that signing the law may threaten the state’s access to hosting future Super Bowls. Tech company Salesforce has also said it will move its operations away from Atlanta if the bill passes.

Governor Nathan Deal has until May 3rd to decide to veto the bill. If he does not veto it, it will become law even without his signature.

ALA and GLBTRT have also issued a statement against the bill. It can be found here.


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