Current Scholarship Roundup: Intersectionality, ‘Girl Zines’ and more

By Emilia R. Marcyk

Scholarship and academic news that addresses LGBTQ identities and concerns, of interest to librarians and information professionals


  • Finnessy, Patrick. “Examining The Heteropatriarchy: Canadian and American Male Teachers’ Perspectives of Sexual Minority Curriculum.” Teaching Education1 (2016): 39-56. URL: 

    An examination, through interviews, classroom observation and written reflection, of the teaching practices of straight male high school teachers who incorporate LGBT topics into their curriculum.

  • Graybill, Emily, and Sherrie Proctor. “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Youth: Limited Representation in School Support Personnel Journals.” Journal of School Psychology 54 (2016): 9-16. URL: 

    This article reports on the lack of coverage of LGBT-specific topics and training in professional publications across school and academic support disciplines. This lack of coverage mirrors poor coverage across professional curriculum, which can leave advising professionals uncomfortable when approached by LGBT students.

  • Radway, Janice. “Girl Zine Networks, Underground Itineraries, and Riot Grrrl History: Making Sense of the Struggle for New Social Forms in the 1990s and Beyond.” Journal of American Studies1 (2016): 1-31. URL: 

    Janice Radway (anyone else read her book, Reading the Romance, as part of a reader’s advisory course in library school?) examines the “girl zines” that developed in concert with the Riot Grrrl movement of the 1990s. Of particular interest may be interviews with zine librarians and archivists which form part of Radway’s analysis of this body of work.

  • Shelton, Stephanie Anne, and Meghan E. Barnes. “‘Racism just Isn’t an Issue Anymore’: Preservice Teachers’ Resistances to the Intersections of Sexuality and Race.” Teaching and Teacher Education 55 (2016): 165-74. URL: 

    Shelton and Barnes discuss resistance to the notion of the intersectionality of race and sexuality among a cohort of English Education students in the Southeastern United States.

 Academic News

The American College Health Association has released a new set of guidelines for providing equitable healthcare for students who are transgender, non-gender conforming or genderqueer. Guidelines address, among other topics, the collection of information, access to care, provider education and mental health services. The guidelines were published in the Journal of American College Health, volume 64.2 (2016), URL:

Call for Reviews

Gender Studies Forum is always looking for book reviewers. From the journal website:

Submitted reviews should conform to current MLA Style (7th edition), have numbered paragraphs, and should be between 750 and 1,000 words in length. Please note that the reviewed releases ought to be no older than 24 months. In most cases, we are able to secure a review copy for contributors.

The complete call for reviews, as well as list of suggested titles, is on the journal website:


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