Current Scholarship Roundup: Trans*formational pedagogies, Alison Bechdel and more

By Emilia R. Marcyk

Scholarship and academic news that addresses LGBTQ identities and concerns, of interest to librarians and information professionals

Journal Issue

The current Issue of Trans* Studies Quarterly, titled “Trans*formational Pedagogies,” is focused on education. Articles include “’Trans Enough?’: The Pressures Trans Men Negotiate in Higher Education” from D. Chase J. Catalano and “’Boys Over Here, Girls Over There’: A Critical Literacy of Binary Gender in Schools” by Susan W. Woolley. Explore issue contents further on the TSQ website:

Special Report

The Chronicle of Higher Education released a special report this month on the trans* rights movement on U.S. college and university campuses. A list of articles which comprise the special report is available on the Chronicle’s website:


  • Critchfield, Adam R. and Jack Pula. “On Psychotherapy, LGBT Identity, and Cultural Visibility: In Conversation with Alison Bechdel.” Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health 4 (2015): 397-412. URL: Bechdel discusses the intersection of her work, identity and psychotherapy with the authors.
  • Davi, Angelique. “Teaching Note: Reflections of a Transgender Medievalist.” Radical Teacher 101 (2015): 80-81. URL: this short piece, Davi reflects on using (or not using) her sexuality and gender identity as a teachable moment for her university students.
  • Ecker, John, Jennifer Rae, and Amandeep Bassi. “Showing Your Pride: A National Survey of Queer Student Centres in Canadian Colleges and Universities.” Higher Education5 (2015): 881-898. URL: authors conducted a survey to determine the number of queer student centers in Canadian universities. They found that the presence of a queer student center correlated with university size and that the most successful centers received robust support from the parent institution.
  • Kneen, Bonnie. “Neither Very Bi nor Particularly Sexual: The Essence of the Bisexual in Young Adult Literature.” Children’s Literature in Education4 (2015): 359-377. URL: analyzes four recent young adult novels which feature bisexual protagonists, and discusses how the narratives either do or do not “impose essentializing identities” and deploy stereotypes.


The American Philosophical Association Central Division will be hosting a session of the Society for LGBTQ Philosophy at its March 2016 meeting. While the deadline for submissions has past, the session may cover some of the following topics:

“The Society for LGBTQ Philosophy invites submissions for panel and/or paper abstracts on topics stemming from themes within the field of transgender studies. We invite submissions on all philosophical topics and conversations in transgender studies, as well as recent work addressing transgender issues in relation to prison abolition, healthcare activism and biomedicine, police and state violence, queer crip theory and disability studies, decolonial thought, and transnational politics.”

Further information is on the event page:


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