Kameny memorial unveiled on Veterans Day

By John Mack Freeman

US Air Force General Gordon O. Tanner and Congressional Cemetery President Paul Williams unveiled a new grave marker for GLBT rights pioneer Frank Kameny this Veterans Day. Via Washington Blade:

The Kameny headstone along with a footstone bearing the slogan, “Gay is Good,” which Kameny coined in 1968, have been placed at a cemetery plot just behind the Matlovich grave. The plot was purchased by the LGBT charitable group Helping Our Brothers and Sisters.

“This is a remarkable occasion to honor two remarkable men who transformed the gay movement,” said Tanner, an Air Force veteran who currently serves as one of the highest ranking gay civilian officials at the Pentagon.

“Their connection was early in its history, as Leonard Matlovich reached out to Frank Kameny and they together looked to the way to end the ban on gay military service,” Tanner said.

The memorial headstone for Kameny was issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in honor of Kameny’s role as a World War II combat veteran.


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