New iPhone app will enable largest LGBT health study ever

By John Mack Freeman

A new app has been released by the University of California, San Francisco that will enable researchers to enroll individuals in the largest LGBT health study ever. Entitled PRIDE Study, the app is available in the app store for all Apple devices. Via

This ambitious study of LGBT health will use information collected from iPhone and Internet users to build the largest database yet of the physical, mental, and social issues that uniquely affect gay and transgender men and women.

The scientists anticipate that most of the participants will join the study by installing the app to help researchers collect health data and agreeing to contribute certain health and demographic information. Both the app and the Internet sites opened for registration last week.

“The main question there is, what is the relationship between being LGBTQ — or more broadly a sexual or gender minority person — and mental and physical health?” Mitchell Lunn, codirector of the PRIDE Study at UCSF, told BuzzFeed.

Editor’s note: I’ve downloaded the app, and it’s pretty easy to set up and use. You have to provide a name, but there’s no check on that. All answers are put behind a password or fingerprint ID so people picking up the phone can’t see, and the user is given the right to control what information is shared and who it is shared with. If you want to download the app, text PRIDESTUDY to 74121 to get a download link on an iPhone or search for it in the App Store.



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