Meet Rob Ridinger! An RT Member Profile

By Tess Goldwasser

(Ed. Note: I interviewed Rob… about a year ago? And then forgot to write up a profile! Not because he’s forgettable; he’s certainly not. But because I am a flake. An apologetic flake. Please forgive me Rob!)

Rob is the GLBTRT Liaison to the Leather Archives and Museum, and a member of the Stonewall Book Award Committee.

He is does reference, collection development, and bibliographic instruction for the social sciences and area studies at Northern Illinois University’s Founder’s Library. He is also an avid amateur astronomer!

Rob is most proud of his service in the Peace Corps as a librarian at an African university for three years, and his writings on LGBT history and the history of the leather community.

His goals are to visit all 7 seven continents, and see the sunrise at Stonehenge.

If Rob were an animal, he says he would be a phoenix, “because then I would never have to stop learning.”

If he could have a dinner party with five culturally or historically significant figures, living or dead, he would invite Leonard da Vinci, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Spock of Vulcan, Thor Heyerdahl.


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