New Nonbinary Bibliography Posted in Resources Section

By Charlie McNabb

Nonbinary Gender Identities in Media: An Annotated Bibliography is intended for nonbinary people and their allies as well as libraries wishing to expand transgender collections. Nonbinary gender identities are gaining visibility in popular culture and the news, and the community is growing rapidly. It is vital for marginalized communities to see positive representations of themselves in media. This bibliography can help people locate representations of nonbinary gender identities in order to increase understanding and advocacy, diversify library collections, and select entertainment options.

This resource includes introductory text, a robust glossary, and a list of citations and annotations in alphabetical order under format categories. Items are separated into materials for adults/young adults and materials for children. Formats include nonfiction books, articles, fiction books, comics, film and television, and Web resources. Annotations provide a brief summary and indicate if the representation is negative or inaccurate. Because this community is highly active on the Internet, Web resources may become obsolete quickly. To suggest additions or report dead links, please notify the Resources Committee.


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