GLBTRT Resources Committee publishes two new resources

By John Mack Freeman

Two new pamphlets are available from the GLBTRT Resources Committee. Here are two blurbs from the pamphlets by Jane Sandberg:

Some library practices result in the exclusion of transgender patrons.

However, librarians often a lack of literature and guidance in implementing more inclusive practices.  The GLBT Round Table’s Resource Committee recently published two brochures intended to help fill this gap and provide patrons, staff, and administrators with the tools necessary to advocate for trans-inclusive library services.

Library facilities often include gendered bathrooms, which present difficulties for transgender people and others.  Unfortunately, the addition of gender-neutral bathrooms is often seen as an expensive and politically contentious project.  The “Gender Neutral Bathrooms in Libraries” pamphlet offers guidance on signage, staff training, managing controversy, and making safe bathroom facilities more feasible.

Library card applications and other forms can also exclude transgender patrons from using the library.  To help address such exclusions, the Resources Committee published a pamphlet entitled “Transgender-inclusive Library Card Applications: Issues and Recommendations.”  This brochure — written for advocates and library leaders interested in better serving LGBT communities — provides a concise discussion of the issues involved in revising these forms and offers best practices in retooling them.

These brochures can be used separately or together to advocate for libraries that truly meet the needs of transgender patrons and staff.


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