From the Editor: An anniversary of change

By John Mack Freeman

I can hardly believe it. The GLBT News reformat has gone on for a whole year. Here’s a bit of a look back at what we accomplished in the last year:

  • Over 540 posts, including:
    • 30 pieces of original content (and the new regular column “Queer Quest” by Ashley R. Lierman)
    • 36 profiles compiled, written, and edited by the ever fabulous Tess Goldwasser
    • 149 Media of Note pieces
    • 240 GLBT News pieces
    • and so much more.

We have 157 e-mail subscribers, and that number keeps growing. We have a wonderful monthly “news-in-review” e-mail put together by Chris Boire that gets sent out to the entire e-mail list.

In the last year, we’ve had over 18,000 visits that brought us almost 35,600 page views. I continue to be amazed at the success of our News reformatting, and I continue to be so thankful to everyone who has had a hand it.

Thank you to Tess, Chris, Ashley, Ilyse and all the other News Committee (and Newsletter Committee) before it members for their continued work. Thank you to the GLBTRT Board for their support of this change and their enthusiastic comments. Thank you to Ann Symons and Nel Ward for conceiving of a new direction for the News and approaching me in September 2013 to see if I wanted to work on it. Thank you to the Web Committee for helping us with our glitches along the way. Thank you to everyone who has been profiled, everyone who submits news for us to cover, and everyone who has submitted articles for us to post.

And thank you to you, our readers. We couldn’t and wouldn’t do this without you. I hope that you have found the GLBT News to be a useful resource, and I hope that it’s something that the entire RT can be proud of.

As always, if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you have news to submit, we would love to post it. If you want to be a part of this wonderful team, let me know or put it on your next committee volunteer form. Here’s to another year of success. I can’t wait!


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